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PACO provides cutting-edge advanced flight test & evaluation, research & development, training, and demonstration pilot services to both military and civilian organizations. PACO also provides tailored aerospace and leadership consulting and training services for its customers. PACO proudly offers highly adaptable and critical professional services to global customers needing rapid, practical, and cost-effective  solutions. Critical to mission success, PACO has a proven track record of integrating into existing teams to safely, effectively, and efficiently accomplish almost any mission, project, or task.  On-site engagement and video conferencing are both easy options.  

PACO is a New Zealand-registered sole trader business.  



Milestones - Results - Impact

PACO has 20 years of unique experience in flight testing, training, and operations to provide high-impact solutions. Honed from prestigious institutions, complex operations, and high-risk environments, 
PACO can deliver high-quality cost-effective solutions to teams of any size.
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Advanced Concepts & Operations

PACO has been providing high-quality professional aerospace services since 2000. With unique skill-sets, PACO provides world-class services in the following areas:

Experimental, developmental, certification, operational, and hybrid flight test and evaluation planning, conduct, reporting, and training;

Aerobatic, formation, instrument, upset, and tactical flying and training;

Aerospace analysis & consulting, human factors/crew station design engineering, integrated systems development, safety/risk management, crew resource management, and team leadership seminars and workshops;

Video conferencing is easily available for all consulting and academic training.

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Principal Experimental Test Pilot | Advanced Flight Instructor | Leadership Educator | Lifelong Learner


With 20 years of professional aerospace experience, Paco has flown for the United States Air Force (USAF), Bombardier, Scaled Composites, Martin Aircraft, and Pacific Aerospace. Project Pilot of 16 major flight test projects, he has commanded first flights of three different experimental manned aircraft. 

With over 5,000 flight hours in 55 diverse aircraft types spanning military high-G, supersonic, very high-altitude, commercial transport, special mission, and unconventional vertical experimental flight regimes, Paco has broad practical aerospace experience in:

Jetpacks / Unconventional VTOL

P12, Series 1

Single-engine propeller

T-6, P-750, E-350, CT-4, EA-300, A-160, Yak-52

High-G ejection seat jet 

T-37, T-38, L-39, F-15, F-16, MB-339, HJT-16

Large multi-crew jet 

A-220, CL-65, E-3, KC-135, KC-10, T-43

Special mission 

U-2, HU-16, An-2, MiG-15, VISTA F-16, VISTA LJ-25


ASK-21, SGS2-33, Grob 103


G-2, TH-57, NH-500, S-300

A graduate of the prestigious United States Air Force Test Pilot School, Paco is a current and qualified Category 1/A Experimental Test Pilot with Airline Transport Pilot & Certified Flight Instructor certificates with Aerobatic, Instrument, Floatplane ratings, & Helicopter pilot licence with Mountain & Sling ratings.

Paco has 1,000 flight instructor hours with the USAF’s Air Combat Command & the Indian Air Force Academy & Fighter Training Wing. He has also held the position of Adjunct Assistant Professor of Aeronautics at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

In additional, Paco has led crews through multiple complex combat exercises, deployments, and test operations.  He has also served as a Test & Evaluation Officer for a major acquisitions program.

Education and Training

Executive M.B.A., Quantic School of Business & Technology; Certificates in Fundamentals of Neuroscience and US Government, HarvardX; US Defense Acquisition University; USAF Air Command & Staff College; M.S., Flight Test Engineering, USAF Test Pilot School/Air University; M.A.S., Aeronautics, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University; Indian AF Flying Instructors’ School; USAF Pilot Instructor Training; USAF Squadron Officer School; USAF Advanced Instrument School; USAF Combat Aircrew Tactics Training School; USAF Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training; B.S., Aerospace Engineering, Boston University

Awards and Honors

Vertical Flight Society’s Frederick L. Feinberg Award; Society of Experimental Test Pilots’ Iven C. Kincheloe Award; New Jersey Distinguished Service Medal with one silver oak leaf cluster; Meritorious Service Medal; Air Medal with three oak leaf clusters; Aerial Achievement Medal with one oak leaf cluster; Air Force Commendation Medal with one oak leaf cluster; Air Force Achievement Medal; Air Force Combat Action Medal; Afghanistan Campaign Medal with one service star; Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal

Speaking Events

Keynote Speaker at Bank of New Zealand’s People Leader Training Conference; Guest Speaker at Alibaba’s “2050” Technology Conference; Guest Speaker at the CAA NZ Design Delegation Holder Seminar; Guest Speaker at Air New Zealand’s Maintenance Check Flight Seminar; Technical Speaker at Society of Experimental Test Pilots’ Symposia; Commencement Speaker of Boston University’s College of Engineering Commencement Ceremony


PACO is committed to meeting your needs. Questions, comments, or special requests? PACO is eager to engage on any serious and relevant queries. Please feel free to reach out. Any professional feedback or testimonials would also be appreciated.  Also find PACO’s promotional videos on YouTube (two Links are on the top and bottom of this website).

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